My baby sister's company had a holiday party in Knott's Berry Farm on Sunday.  Since her honey couldn't go with her, she asked her oldest sister ME to have fun with her.  First, we went to the picnic area to have the lunch with her coworkers, and then we went to the park to take pictures!  Both of us are not into any rides, so we decided to walk around and shop!!  I am a super fan of Badtz Maru but I haven't had the chance to go to any Sanrio stores for years so when I saw all the Badtz Maru goodies, I was sooooo happy.  So I ended up spending $150 on Badtz Maru stuff and walked away from the store with a huge smile on my face.

Did I mention that my baby's coworker thought that I was only 19?  hahaha.. Cant believe that when people look at my 32 yrs old face would mistaken me for 19 yrs old.  I guess it's good...

We left the park at 5, got back to Pasadena at 6.. I fell to sleep in the livingroom for hours, what a good day!!


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