Fucking Democrat!!  YES, I HATE DEMOCRAT! Gosh, they don't believe in a Big Strong America, and they love to kiss China's ass.  Aren't these two reasons good enough for me to hate them?  HELL YEAH... 
民主黨不相信一個強大(軍事)的美國﹐ 還愛親中國的屁股。 這個還不夠讓我恨他們
嗎﹖﹖  Fucking Democrat passed all those fucking bail out shit, fuck them.

美眾議員肯定馬總統執政 外交部歡迎  <~~~這種屁事就只有民主黨做的出來。
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  • owlsoar
  • 美國民主黨印象中就是個偏社會主義的政黨,跟中共不謀而合阿
  • Yeah, that's what a lot of my friends and I are afraid of.

    TaiDuMei 於 2009/05/28 16:31 回覆

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